Falsum Actualitatis (False Reality)


On a daily basis, humans are exposed to a series of false actualities, a series that is stuck on repeat. Although those who are fortunate enough to have able-bodied corpses contain all the power to turn this series off, they don’t. Instead, we become engulfed into this series, obsessed with trying to make it change or differ from one day to the next. We become compulsive to an extent of complacency, we trick ourselves into thinking we are “trying something new”, when in actuality we are not. 

Almost every being can relate to the example I am about to declare, maybe not wholly, but to an extent. One might choose to shorten/ lengthen their hair in hopes of a “different look”, although the goal is attained, it is only at the mere surface. In actuality, the hair is still the exact same hair, just now is it projecting a new perspective. In life, their is a strife for new, although we are too busy being fooled into self generated fallacies, never further from the “new”.

What does it take, then you ponder, to be new again? To create not a new perspective, but undergo a transformation into someone who is unrecognizable to any other being that previously knew of your former existence? Here I offer you, fellow Truth seeker, an conjecture: So long as one has made any sort of impact on someone else, they are forever un-erasable. Only with time can this erratic problem be sufficed, one mustn’t spontaneously or periodically under go physical changes (i.e. the haircut example previously mentioned) rather, they must work internally. One must become an cenobite, separating himself from society in order to cleanse societal woes, trends, problems, and characters from his memory.

After doing so, re-birth may begin. No longer will you feel the chains of society on your back, for you would have no consciences of what society considers to be relevant. You will now be on another level so to say, compared to all others who have not taken the time and patience to be re born into a society that is clean and pure, and die in one that has been run into the ground since the late 20th century.

Although at first, my wonderings may lead one to believe that I am against togetherness, against being united, this is false. We can only move closer to unity once we have united our mind and bodies individually. If you are constantly stuck in the series that is playing called “life”with no way of viewing issues from an outside perspective, stagnicity will be your only end result. Once all of humanity has taken the time to do this, or even half of the amount of countries we have on planet earth, only then I truly believe would we see a positive re birth of a society, one that is truly free. 

From a philosophical historian’s outlook, I am in abhorrence to this plain idea, the idea of being a total ignoramus towards reality. Not only has the American spirit began to dwindle, but it is also in the process of a shift, one to woe! This country will soon be led by a man that has been compared to the likes of Hitler, Putin, and the Anti-Christ… to a stagnant society, there is no fault in this…

 “Nothing will change, this happens every four years!” This phrase has been tossed around a great deal with intent for others to feel a sense of relief.. most simple minded humans would gain relief from this phrase, to those who are Truth seekers, you will be terrified by this complacency. No, you will not be surprised, for you have seen this country experience a complete dismantle of what was once a cherished and valued objectivity: freedom, the American Dream. 

My sanguineness is for this generation, if not future ones, to break this routine, this broken record, this lie. As an American citizen, I feel the need to not keep the “American Dream” alive, but in fact, to kill it. Kill and re-birth this nation, create an utopian society where no man was ever judged by their race, language, god, belief, or wealth. We are now entering an era where togetherness is needed more than ever, all odds are against us (citizens) as they always have been. Lets not be stagnant any longer! Let us rise and exemplify our voices that countless men & women died for us to have; Let their deaths not be in vain.



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Seasons: An Insight on Human Relations


When two people decide to experience the journey of life as a unit, they soon come to find that much like the Earth, they too experience seasons. Everyone has a favorite season, as well as one that is disliked… but how much control do we have on the seasons of our life compared to the seasons of the Earth?

One can not claim that they have control over the planet’s seasons, these are produced by methods beyond our comprehension (although science tries to personify the truth) as well as beyond our control. Though we can not control these seasons created by the planet, we can however prepare for them, adapt. Adaptation is not done quickly, rather over long periods of time (in relation to evolution), and is a vital point for our survival. Now that we have placed attention of the obvious, are there any relations to the seasons we can’t control, to those we can (involving each other, not the Earth)?

We have terms in today’s society that I will use in order to have you fully conceptualize the thesis at hand. Some if these will include Divorce, Marriage, Death, Birth, and Happiness. Yes, I am already aware that we as beings have different interpretations of these words, but for the sake of my work, only place your mind in the frame I am generating before you.

Spring is a time for creation and beginnings (i.e Birth), humans are pressured to feel the need to create future generations. Most of us are raised that in order to achieve the “American Dream” one must have two kids, a home, and a golden retriever. This is why most people make the conscience decision to have children. Although there are instances where the pregnancy is not planned, and can be eliminated, for the sake of my argument we will only discuss those that are planned. Why humans solely decided to reproduce may vary, but for the general portion of it, children are supposed to fill your lives with happiness and meaning. This is generally a “happy” season filled with anticipation and creation, not many people will claim to be depressed during spring time.

Summer, in my opinion, is almost a continuation of Spring. It is the growing stage, rather than the birth. During this season, people may experience exhaust as well as anxiety for what is next (Fall). This is a season where the couple seems to disagree more often than not, as well as even question if this is what they want any more. Fall does not seem to make things any better, during this time period, we are experiencing not only negative experiences with nature (i.e trees loosing leafs) but also with one another. After enduring a long summer, the happy times that once occurred during the Spring seem farther away than ever, and it becomes harder for two to make it through. For those who are however lucky enough to prosper through Fall, Winter will definitely be the season of Death. By death, I do not mean someone ending up in a casket, rather more like the death of a relationship, and end.

Not all ends are definite, sometimes a couple decides to experience another year together, another round of seasons. The problem with not knowing when to call it quicks is particularly troublesome. As years spent with another continue onwards, seasons begin to grow dimmer, Spring becomes less “happy” and Winter doesn’t seem like the only era drenched in sadness. Eventually, one will grow tiresome of enduring these seasons with another being that instead of making the hardship better, they make it worse. This is where divorce occurs, a final end to the promise of taking on seasons together.

Yes, divorce is an end to the routine you once knew, but what happens when you meet someone else that sparks an interest in you? Are you then thrown into another round of seasons, just with a new partner? Will the outcome be the same? Will these seasons be separated by months, or could one even argue that we can experience seasons from day to day?

How much control do we have on the seasons of beings? Is it absurd to accept that after years together, two people can accept an end, and look forward to a new beginning without you? 


-Truth Seeker

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The “Kindness” of Your Heart


The human body has several body parts which instantaneously function like a symphony in spirit of sustaining what we call “life”. In this case, by “life” I am simply referring to the act of breathing, having the ability to wake up healthy each day. There are an uncountable amount of ways to view this term “life”, therefore I bare you my meaning to cease all basphomy. At this point, I will only speak of one instrument in the symphony, the human heart.

I am no scientist, nor do I even bother familiarizing myself with scientific-al rambles; I say rambles because I strongly view science as an empty opinion. It does nothing but states/studies the processnever will it conclude or inform one about the actuality of any beginning!

“This almost endless task the natural sciences make easier by means of abstractoions, drawing together what is general in order to separate what is particular.”                                                                                                               – Schopenhauer

I will resist the urge to speak more about this matter and storage it for a latter moment.

Do not judge or falsely accuse me when I speak of the heart, for I am instilling this segment now to clear any misconceptualities. As I speak of the heart, I am stating and objectifying it through my will; I am open to discussions, not objections.

It shall cause no surprise to hear that your heart is one of the key instruments in sustaining life, what intrigues me ever more though, is what has not been contemplated or studied… your heart’s amount of “kindness”. Emotion is a precarious concept, it can be felt, faked, or faulted, nonetheless, it is an attribute that we, beings, posses. There exists a saying that I hear quite frequently, “Do it out of the kindness of your heart.” I would like you, fellow Truth Seeker, to re-examine this saying once more. This quote is imposing onto the heart a plurality–> being not only is it an organ which sustains life, but it is also capable of showing/creating acts of kindness.

Kindness is an emotion, an emotions is felt, not through touch… but through your mind.  It is a finite misconception that a heart is what “produces” these emotions, this is not the case; it is in fact, your mind. Just as the mind produces pleasure, pain, complacency; this is not the heart’s duty. I do not blame thee though for possessing this idea vice-verse, we are unfortunately taught several fallacies in our young public educational career which we carry on throughout our time on Earth. If one ceases to push pass this “object” in search of true will, then one will unfortunately end up in a solitude of blindness ( i.e. Plato’s Cave; for those who I have lost in my writing). For one to claim that “an act of kindness” can come from your heart irks me, it sounds incoherent, we are placing onto an object a power that it does not posses! For arguments sake, I will quite briefly ponder this conception…. of an “act of kindness.”

How is such an act even measurable? How can one truly know infinitely if another being is acting out of kindness (remember fellow Truth Seeker, we are placing such an implausible idea on the stand for it’s sentencing; we must not shut out this conception completely without analyzing it for ourselves). It is simple for one to claim the attribute of kindness, partially for the reason being that kindness is also based off of perception. What I see as kind, you may see as greedy, there is a problem with words; they can be perceived falsely, and can go un repaired if not addressed. In sake of argumentation, “kind” is referencing towards doing something extra and unexpected for someone other than yourself; being selfless. “I got you this just because” or “Sure, you can have $20”, these words place a mask of kindness onto those who speak them, but one can not view into a soul –> a mind. It is a grief possibility that these beings have become too accustomed to flaunting this mask, they seem to be kind; when what lays behind this mask could in fact be an alternative motive.

Politics are the clearest paradigm where alternative motives can be observable. The politician promises, smiles, reassures, reiterates, all in hopes of being chosen. Once this goal is attained, the politician suddenly remains complacent with these issues where there was once a drive, a fire; only to ad hoc hominem “My hands are tied with this issue”. I pose another form of example; The mother and father pride in dropping their children off every day for school, they see perfect attendance as an honorable award; when in reality, the parents are using the school as as daycare while they handle what needs to be done. And another, a dog obeys and seizes to use the house as a toilet, only so when the owner arrives back home, a treat will be presented to said dog. I am willful that one of these archetypes allow my point to be understood.

On the contrary, a plant. A plant performs it’s daily duties for the planet, it gets pollinated, breathes in Carbon dioxide, produces for the humans oxygen. One of the major necessities humans need to live relies on the plant. Is this a clear form of the kindness of your heart? Is a plant capable of possessing such a kindness?

A plant does not have a heart.

WILL; It is mere will of a plant which drives it to truly dmonstrate an act that does not souley benefit itself.

My expectancy is for you, fellow Truth Seeker, to stop relying on fallacy, and start awakening to reality. We as beings must cease with the contamination and infectious spread of lies!

We must begin to awaken and spread the TRUTH.

-Truth Seeker


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Women & the “BackSeat”


I am a soul with a mind that is continuously engrossed with various topics. I appreciate a challenge in attempting to change my methods, but I can almost guarantee they will fall short. I do not write for your opinions or satisfaction… I right for a movement, an edification; I write for those who seek the Truth.

For as long as my mind can wonder, it seems pretty evident that women have always been in the backseat. Not put second to men, but instead put last completely. Positioned behind every minority, animal, and even historical document… women seem to not only be forgotten, but they are also continuously pushed and silenced from their thoughts, needs, and passions. Most upsetting of all, they were denied a VOICE.

Starting off as a part of the womb, girls are already being brainwashed into taking part in womanly duties. Example, once two parents discover the gender of their baby is female, they instantly begin to decorate the females room with pink, bows, princesses, little kitchen sets, cleaning supplies in toy format, they even go as far as to buy a “toy baby” to give to their own child. Females are basically thrown the demands of motherhood from the second of their birth. No one can argue that a female makes these choices for herself, a child in general can not even make up their minds when it comes to their choice in food, more less be able to make a choice to turn motherhood into playtime.

I see this everywhere, it is upsetting and despicable. Seeing a young female pushing a toy stroller with a toy baby in it. It is simply a form of manipulation… caused by the major toy companies. They have instilled into our minds that this type of behavior from small females is acceptable in today’s society. Instead of forcing these females to discover motherhood at a young age, why do we not place maps, blue prints, books, and pen/paper in their hands? Why must we remain conformed in a society that has always known “the women cooks, cleans, cares for the children… the men make the money and have all say so in the house”. I say no… NO MORE!

I do not know if this muddles anyone else’s minds… but I do intend for these words to inspire and awaken those women, young or old, to stand up and use the voice that they now have today! Thanks to remarkable women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, women now are able to vote, work, attend school… and truly make something of yourselves. It is not the men who are suppressing women any longer, no.. it is WOMEN themselves! Do not fall into the ambush of the toy companies, the “traditional duties” that women are supposed to perform, or the complacency that sometimes men push onto women.

If you who are living today do not make use of the history and struggles women have gone through to get here… those who fought for this cause will have died in vain and women could possibly REMAIN in the backseat; not in their own lives… but the backseat of the World.

-Truth Seeker


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The Captivating Attainment of Libertarianism


“The Surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”

-Freidrich Nietzsche

An important trophy to hold in life is that of being an individual. By this, I mean to say that beings should be prideful with the concept of uniqueness. One shan’t strive to be uniformed to society, rather than to be the spark in the complacent world we reside in currently.

It is a rare instance that there are beings who strive to be different… there are even fewer beings that are just that way by birth (naturally). There is a major difference in trying to be an individual, than actually being one. Yes, you can argue the fact that one is an individual by birth, for the obvious reason that you leave your mother’s womb and are then expected to be your “own person” so to speak. This is not what I mean by individual however; those who think critically, speak up when oppressed, and lead the world to differentiate between uniformity and libertarian… are those that truly are Individuals.

Let us go deeper with this thought; to not be bothered, moved, or have your opinions changed by your surroundings is a difficult task to achieve in today’s society. Not for me, so I am not speaking from experience, but for several others. I state this for the reason being that too many individuals that I cross paths with, work with, read their pieces, or even over hear their conversations… all seem to correlate to the same tune. It seems too obvious that beings are fearful of liberation, of freedom, of the Truth.

We should all be focused on guiding our youth to embrace their individualities, rather than bury them deep down. Society needs to adapt and accept “different” better than it ever has before. We must begin to view “different” as intelligent, as a leader, as the Truth; & view Uniformity as bland, scared, and a letdown. Until this deed is done, the world will continue to have the misconception of what true liberty is… we will continue to suffer. We, the Seekers of Truth, need to comprehend the ability we posses to let our intuitionism guide us not only through life, but let it lead as the only way possible to live.

-Truth Seeker

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The Misconception of Good and Evil


“Under what conditions did Man invent for himself those judgements of values, “Good” and “Evil”? And what intrinsic value do they possess in themselves?”  

                                                                                                  -Friedrich Nietzsche

With this thought I shall rant! In today’s latent society, humans tend to continuously generate misconceptions on MANY things… I will speak of two (Good & Evil). When we speak of those who are “Good”, we picture the high society, wealthy, priests, and so on. We imagine the English aristocracy of the past, for it is they who coined the term. We surely do not automatically think of the poor, the suffering, the lost. NO! Those are the “Evil”, the less successful, the ones who in retrospect, are the bottom of the human hierarchy… slaves. 

Here is where I will challenge you to view things vise versa. Who initially created these so called values of Good and Evil? Were they created in fact by those who claim to be Good?! Yes! In fact they were, those of royal status imposed the crooked idea that they were the Good, the righteous, the noble, the truth. In fact, this is completely malapropos; how can one be Good and at the same time categorize others as Evil?! Surely one who is Good could not possess the ability to label others in a negative connotation. Yet, so easily is this done, even in today’s time.

In all actuality, it is the low-minded, the vulgar, the plebeian who are fit to be Good! For they are not the ones who took it upon themselves to create such values. They are good because they are Morally True. Those who possess hidden pretenses will try to masquerade as the Good, but one should not be fooled… yet so many in today’s time still are. It is almost a death that we are experiencing in our generation, a death of realization and knowledge. It is almost like we know we are too incapable to challenge and question, we do not even see the problem at hand, so we keep living complacently & never shaking the solitude so many of us are placed in. Now, I can not blame one for ending up in this unfortunate state of neurasthenia, for the world we live in is a definite trap. We are continuously mislead and brainwashed into the lies we believe to be truths. I can blame you though for not going with that tugging feeling in your stomach, the feeling that this life you have been living does not seem what it should; emptiness.

Now that you have been able to see things as I (hopefully), it is quite reasonable to still feel flabbergasted and questionable. Please, do not ever hesitate with your questions for I believe them to be the truest form of knowledge. The idea of the priest for example, he who claims to be the worthy and the true, the Good; I beg to differ. Being strongly tied to the aristocratic society, he is actually the weakest, clamoring for any type of shield he can create; the shield of the “Good”. I am Good because I preach the word… I say NO! You are Evil because you speak lies, not the word. You speak what you think wants to be heard, not what needs to be heard. He who has no courage will always be Evil. From the era of the great Erasmus and Martin Luther, the church was considered to be the government. They ruled, you followed. It was not until beings began to rebel, to question, to act against it… that changes were actualized and generated.

It is interesting to consider though, that man is the only thing with the ability to actually be “Evil”. Why? Because he is the creator! The plant nor the animal brought these values upon us, we did. We are quick to only see two sides of the world, the Good and the Evil. How disheartened that we only have two ways of seeing… why do we as humans sell ourselves so short? In all instances… besides those that consist of rising up against the “Evil” (who pretend to be Good). Moments of riots and wars against the true Evil doers are moments that should be taught in schools in order to instill that fire in the young’s souls that they too, if one day need be, can rise up against the Evil and create an anomaly!

Contemplating on the terms “Good” and “Evil”, are they now still how they have always been viewed (wrongly); or did they now loose value and seem empty? One must begin to question the true etymological value of these two words… because at the end of it all they are just words. Created by aristocratic Evil humans to classify beings, wrongly. I have the will to change this act of misunderstanding and imposing unnecessary lies onto individual truths.

-Truth Seeker

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Philosophy and Sex for Breakfast.


Along with a cup of coffee, my morning has begun with the contemplation of life as a mere metaphor in reference of a vegetable. As you read my thoughts, one must keep and open and critique-free mindset; let words just be words as representations in themselves and nothing more unless fair warned.

Imagine the fetus stage of life as being a seed in a packet. A seed amongst others, no exact order of what seed will be picked to plant… just a randomized process of chance. This is merely representing the sperms inside a man’s scrotum, they do not have the ability to choose which one will be picked to enter and attach to the women’s ovaries, and then create the first stage of what we know as life.

Once the seed has been planted into the fertilized soil of the Earth, it is then watered and cared for until the development process reaches an end. As the sperm is implanted into the woman’s uterus and “sticks”, the woman is now responsible (like the farmer) to feed, water, and care for this developing being.

When the developing stage of the seed is over, it is now easy to see that the seed is no longer; now lives a ripe and ready to pick vegetable (for sake of example). I believe that like the vegetable ready to be picked, humans too are sort of waiting for this as well. What I am inferring is that humans are vying to feel realization and enlightenment in order to live. Just like the vegetable (considering it is a thing in itself) is waiting for it’s will on Earth to be fufilled by being picked and eventually eaten by a human. If the vegetable however is NOT PICKED at the right time, or even not picked at all, this once living and full of will vegetable begins to die. This is the statement that will lead us into my final point persay. If the human does not become “picked” it too slowly begins to die. You see, humans like vegetables, are filled with will; it is what drives us and gives us the sense of purpose.

For the unfortunate human that remains “un-picked” , it will definitely be a sad and purpose-less life. Said being will remain living in a complacent and routine filled way… slowing dying day by day until the capsule of said being’s body can go on no longer. I want you all to realize that UNLIKE the vegetable, we have the ability to awaken ourselves (or be picked)! The vegetable can only sit and wait, full of hope and will, always relying on something external other than itself. The human on the other end, does not have to sit around and rely on these ether related subjects… YET SO MANY OF US DO!

Having stated my morning thoughts, my hope for you all is to stop being complacent and placing your fate elsewhere. Realize that fate is your choice and always has been, stop choosing to remain “un-picked”! Awaken, question, search, give your will the ability to live!

– Truth Seeker

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Transcendental Idealism & The Nature of Knowledge


“Space is merely a form of our intuition, that is, just a structure of our own minds imposed onto representations; it is not a property that exists independently of our minds and of our knowledge of them”    -Kant

According to Kant, space is basically just an illusion that is formed through synthetic apriori knowledge. It is necessary and universal, without exceptions. He goes on to prove this through a serious of geometric strategies which he also claims are synthetic apriori (something that is known without experience). I will not go further into explaining his premise, I shall now question it.

Agreeing with this thesis, humans then are extremely powerful creatures who pretty much have the whole universe in the palm of their hands. If something as wondrous as space only and absolutely exists in our own minds, then it is to say that we hold the key to the universe. Kant’s thesis, in my opinion, gives an omniscient power to us as humans… claiming that we are what creates space. Agreeing with this at first was hard for me to do, I mean who off the back believes that they are the creators of space? But after long hours of contemplation, I began to wrap my head around this as a possibility. Think about it, the percentage of people who have actually traveled into space and have a clear and concise image of it are few and scarce. Most of us just never really consider what it “truly” looks like… which almost goes to say that maybe some of us do not have a “space”? I do not believe there is an “in between opinion” here. Those who rely on images they find on the internet of what space supposedly looks like are beings with no knowledge at all. Either you know it for how you see it (in your mind without outside input), or you know it through ampliative knowledge (which objectifies the knowledge that space is apriori knowledge). So basically, space is only in existence through your imagination, for lack of a better word.. it is was you “think up” if you will.

Now, we have not considered a few objections in Kant’s thesis –> being that this claim is based off of geometrical apriori knowledge (assuming that it is actually apriori), one can question if geometry is actually ampliative knowledge. Geometrical equations can be known, but in order to understand them, one must use strategy and experimentation. It is not something that stands alone through definition of a word in itself, it must be proven. Considering this to be true, then Kant has based his argument off of a foundation that is not absolutely true and causes the argument to fall through. The one exception I can claim to help his argument live, is to consider that there are geometrical solutions that solely and independently exist in themselves, without any necessity of experimentation. I am not a mathematician so I am not claiming that this is a definite possiblilty, I am only bringing to light that it might be a way to keep this argument going.

On another objectifying perspective, to claim that space is not actually a thing in itself is something that I do not think Kant can prove. There is a possibility that space can be synthetic apriori knowledge AND exist as a thing in itself! Ponder this statement for instance: EVERYTHING in this world is actualized by space. Everything has somewhere to be, even if it is not visible (i.e. air, love, scent) but we know that it is present. Therefore, if space IS NOT a thing in itself, if it is something that is just created and thought of in our own minds, we can surely say that NOTHING REALLY EXISTS. Everything would just be perspective because everyone would have the power to see things for themselves, without any external imput. This leads one to believe that everything we are “seeing” is just an illusion and only real to ourself and no one else.

Having stated this, I then can not understand how we, as beings living only in ourselves and with our own knowledge, can come to agreements on certain things. What I mean is, how can we all agree that a banana is yellow? Or that a strawberry is red? How can we all be trapped in the same illusion?! This then introduces to us a new dilemma worth contemplating: How things are in themselves (actually) vs. How things appear to us (images we create for things). What if a banana, considering it is something solely in itself, is actually 24 inches long and neon pink? Yet we allude and create an imaginary image of it being yellow and no longer than 6 inches? This can lead one to believe that all of the human civilization is actually mad and knowledge-less.

If all we know is what we create ourself (considering the banana example)… then how much do we/can we ever even REALLY KNOW?! And to make things more confusing, if we as beings in ourself have complete and total power over everything spacial, why do we not have the ability to create an ideal utopian society? Why can we not create an illusion that we are millionaires and actually feel it? Yet we can an allusion that a banana is yellow and believe it?

– Truth Seeker

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Is Existence Even Attainable?

watch the earth

Although one might view this as a minimalistic question with a simplistic answer, I beg to differ.

On countless occasions, I find myself feeling as if I do not have a place in this world. Not because I am an outsider, not because I haven’t experienced success, love, or happiness (because I have), but because how humans seem to reside complacently in this place we call Earth. It is a rare occasion that I ever see anyone doing anything to better the land we walk on… or even treat it with respect. It is all too easy to toss that empty Starbucks cup or gum wrapper out of the window (I mean who likes a dirty car), but we never stop to realize the long term damage this has in effect to our home. Unless someone is ordered to perform community service through picking up trash off the side of the road, we hardly ever see people actually cleaning because they truly want to. Now, I am not saying that there is absolutely NO ONE out there that does not clean up  with the goodness of their hearts, I am simply stating that the numbers are definitely drastically different between the two. Although I began with speaking of pollution, there are many other ways humans dis-envolve themselves with this planet. Probably too many to cover in just one sitting.

Routines are something that almost every living being or animal… or even plant follow in today’s society. This in my opinion is where we as a civilization have began to die. Unless one has distinctfully achieved an amazing routine that they follow, not for the betterment of themselves, but for the world.. than this said routine is nothing but a complacent waste of space and time. I am not by any means saying that achieving this is easy (it is actually close to impossible) but I do hope to raise some attention to this dreadful problem with my words and warning.

In today’s time, it is extremely unfortunate the cards that too many of us are dealt. Poverty, homeless, starvation, sickness, and being unloved are just a few struggles that humans, animals, and plants all deal with in different ways and at different times. These now external objectifying problems force us to constrain our minds and bodies to this every day routine of “surviving”. Although the common misconception of the word surviving generally causes people to infer that existence is only possible through survival… this is the wrong way to think. As I speak words, I want them to only mean what they should within themselves; please do not attach other meanings or definitions to my words, then it will definitely be impossible for one to hear my woes. Now that we have agreed to leave words as just words… let me continue.

In the first place, beings need to stop allowing themselves to be put in this position of even feeling the need to “survive”. If we would have fought back against the development of a capitalistic society America has become today, we would definitely not feel the need to survive, it would just be implemented as something thats already attached to us as humans (like the ability to see for example). We do not need to try and see, we just see. That battle was unfortunately lost way back in the late 1700s as remarkable figures like Karl Marx predicted and warned us against… of course the great U.S. did not heath this warning. I will not spend any more unnecessary time on a loss that seems almost impossible to change now, but I only mentioned it so one can understand when this problem began to arise.

If we stop feeling the need to “survive” and start placing that need towards existing, I believe humanity would see a change in the world today. If we all began to symphonically understand what it truly means to exist, not only to ones self, but as a whole… this routine based complacency would soon see an end. How can humans be so arrogant to claim existence onto a space where they are not even placing effort to bettering? That is like claiming you have tried everything to save your marriage and don’t understand how you are now in the middle of a divorce while texting your lustful lover you will be ready for dinner at 7. You see, we naturally as humans have arrogance instilled in us. We want to believe that we have done EVERYTHING possible to make the world a better place. When in all reality, all that has been done is a sad, empty, half-ass attempt at making some money to spend at the movie theatre. Wow, thats really going to make the world a better place.

Existence is an honor, a mind blowing mystery on how the first being was placed on this Earth… and I do not feel like as a society we have worked hard enough to be able to use that word as a part of our realilty. No, we do not exist, for if we did  there would be more change in society; riots, protests, sit-ins would be occurring against this capitalistic complacent world we live in. Instead of worrying about making money for gas, food, and trips… focus needs to be shifted to problems within the environment and human society as a whole (i.e. equality, not what outfit to wear tonight). As humans, we hold such a strong ability to change the cards that we have been dealt, unlike the plant or animal… WE HAVE A VOICE. We just need to learn to start using it, and make sure we are using it loud enough to be heard.

Honestly I ask the question Is Existence Even Attainable hopeful that one day (far into the future) we can all say yes… and truly KNOW it.

– Truth Seeker

Photo credit to Corina Chirila