The Fault in Memory


“Many a man fails to become a thinker for the sole reason that his memory is too good.”

-F. Nietzsche

There is a vast amount of beings that at several moments through out their life, experience an inexpedient urge from within. I would be fibbing to say that I am not one of these beings. Coming across the quote that is provided above for you, the fellow seeker of Truth, I began to contemplate on the sole reason behind the issue of this almost unexplainable feeling.

Some do not care that they are part of this uncongenial group of outcasts… others obsess and conform to the norm of the era. Whichever category fits you best, I hope my explanation and thoughts fill you with complexity and perplexed vibes. I am aware that I may not always see things as you… but if you are taking the time to concentrate on my thoughts, there is a possibility that I may be understood.

Memory is often looked at as something positive and ever lasting… I agree with only one of these statements &I will explain why. Memory is definitely everlasting (unless you suffer a traumatic experience where all memory is lost), it is what stores the good and bad times, it is per say, the mark in your mind that never fades. Sometimes you wish to forget certain instances… yet others you plead to recall forever.

The problem I have with memory and its permanency, is that we as beings, tend to get hung up and stuck with what is stored… even if it is WRONG. I can not agree with someone who is an “old school catholic” (for sake of example) that abides daily to the 10 commandments and does countless hail Mary’s daily. To me this routine is pointless and will not save you from your wrong doings. It is simply just a routine, something that comes from memory, that you believe will make you a better person. I can not sit with the fact that Christopher Columbus is the man who discovered America (although this is what we teach our youth). I will not be satisfied with society claiming that life is either black or white, or that humans are either man or woman. I am not someone who sees things so one sided.

I am a philosopher, I am a Thinker, I am a Truth Seeker… I will NEVER be held down by memory. For memory is one of the greatest downfalls society can encounter. Memory will restrict the levels of critical contemplation your mind could and should reach.. Nirvana, so to speak.

Do not be a complacent being who takes “facts” from others and simply memorizes them. This is not knowledge, this is not thinking. That, my fellow beings, is the greatest cop out one can take.

Stand up, question, be brave, & do not be held down by memory.

-Truth Seeker

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