US Eyes

What good do rights and constitutional laws do when a vast majority of U.S. Citizens choose to live most of (if not all of) their lives following a redundant routine from about the age of 5, with only slight variations of differences between certain age groups.

An alarm goes off, you wash your face and grab something for breakfast or opt out of food and go to your nearest Starbucks for a cup of Joe. Shortly following this comes work or school (sometimes both) where you will spend at least 8 hours of your day (for roughly about 12 standard school years). Some of us have the pleasure of working at a job that fulfills our passions and desires, (but most of us don’t) or you are stuck somewhere for the money, hoping on  daily basis to make ends meet.

I feel that here is where the social divide occurs; people want to base judgments off of titles (i.e.being a doctor in today’s time = success) when in alternating thought, judgments should be based off of what we do. A title could be just that! We have all had an experience when someone with a renowned title has failed to meet your expectations, whether it had been a doctor, teacher, or engineer, one must subdue the urge to cast judgements based off of titles/ financial status. This is part of the American problem…

Transcending back to my preliminary point, once work/ school are over with for the day, Americans typically go home, shower, eat, and watch t.v. (or browse social media sites). We do this until our bodies have had enough and urge us to go to sleep, only to wake up and do the exact same thing. Although at surface this seems like a harmless way to live, I beg to differ. It’s almost like our life has become quite opposite, we claim to be alive and well, yet all the while, humanities morality is screaming out for a savior. 

Americans have not only began this downward spiral of solitude and neglect, but they are also breeding this unfortunate habit to their children, only to worsen each generation at a greater magnitude every time. Be mindful that I am not claiming every American to live this way, surely there are several who have “awaken” to this truth (like me), but that is only good enough for a sparse moment in time. What good does being awake do if you are not trying to better our future, if there is never an attempt to make a change; Those that are awaken shall not be for too long, a complacent mind is almost as bad as a clueless one.

A more plausible offense is to be awake, but stricken by distraction! Although being distracted alludes one to assume that the ability is present to shut off/turn on this feature, it is not a simplistic ability. The whole ideology around American culture sets American’s up to essentially NOT LIVE, to be stagnant, to not question/wander. Everything is handed over to us now (in a sense) in exchange for the worst element in the American Economy, money.

We are manipulated into thinking and placing focus on money, it is the answer to all of our problems, with it, we can obtain food, water, medicine, shelter, therapy, and almost anything else one’s heart desires. We are not willing to fight or put in the work anymore for what REALLY matters like equality, freedom, the TRUTH. We are almost forced to be reliant on the economy, forced into bullshit labor only to still never feel satisfied because we are not fulfilling our will’s goal.

We are distracted!

Obsessing over minute instances that solely affect key people around us, closing off our mind to the rest of the world, failing to embrace other cultures and morals. Instead, we are taught to “have the London look”, or dress in designer wear. We spend our whole “life” making money, only to spend it on irrelevant items and continue enforcing this faulted and unfair cycle of destruction.

Destruction of not only the “American Dream”, but destruction of humanity. Stop being distracted, WAKE UP!



Photo credit to: www.123rf.com