To make things crystal, I will begin with stating: Sat-is-fied (contended; pleased). Why is there no attachment of time to this definition? Is satisfaction directed to only be momentarily and vanishing? Why is it internalized as finite automatically?

I once presumed that this word meant an ever lasting feeling of pleasure and contentment, until I began to realize that truly staying satisfied seems next to impossible. The human will is hungry and determined to strive, if one allows their mind/body to realize their wills’ needs, then one will be a being of success and leisure. Money will not be an object of concern, more of a mere tedious manipulation of sorrow and pain used to purchase swanky and/or vital supplies.

Love would be perfect and whole, no yearn for new, unknown, mystery… just strife for truth and contentment… one would feel the attainability of Love.

Family would be of no judgement, disappointment, or greed for everyone would be satisfied eternally where the cards currently lay. We would know how to lead the continuation in our lives without causing disease and distress onto others.

Work would always be a wonder of nirvana and euphoria, orgasmicly feeling a sense of change, inspiration, and pride throughout each and every moment spent within this area of life.

Friends would be of no constitute or necessity, they would truly be present and available for you and only you. No want for attention, information, or love would be desired for it would already be present.

I conclude with a proposition, must we as humanity create a new “word” for longterm pleasure and contentment?

Shall that word be unrealistic?

Shan’t it be Now?



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