Seasons: An Insight on Human Relations


When two people decide to experience the journey of life as a unit, they soon come to find that much like the Earth, they too experience seasons. Everyone has a favorite season, as well as one that is disliked… but how much control do we have on the seasons of our life compared to the seasons of the Earth?

One can not claim that they have control over the planet’s seasons, these are produced by methods beyond our comprehension (although science tries to personify the truth) as well as beyond our control. Though we can not control these seasons created by the planet, we can however prepare for them, adapt. Adaptation is not done quickly, rather over long periods of time (in relation to evolution), and is a vital point for our survival. Now that we have placed attention of the obvious, are there any relations to the seasons we can’t control, to those we can (involving each other, not the Earth)?

We have terms in today’s society that I will use in order to have you fully conceptualize the thesis at hand. Some if these will include Divorce, Marriage, Death, Birth, and Happiness. Yes, I am already aware that we as beings have different interpretations of these words, but for the sake of my work, only place your mind in the frame I am generating before you.

Spring is a time for creation and beginnings (i.e Birth), humans are pressured to feel the need to create future generations. Most of us are raised that in order to achieve the “American Dream” one must have two kids, a home, and a golden retriever. This is why most people make the conscience decision to have children. Although there are instances where the pregnancy is not planned, and can be eliminated, for the sake of my argument we will only discuss those that are planned. Why humans solely decided to reproduce may vary, but for the general portion of it, children are supposed to fill your lives with happiness and meaning. This is generally a “happy” season filled with anticipation and creation, not many people will claim to be depressed during spring time.

Summer, in my opinion, is almost a continuation of Spring. It is the growing stage, rather than the birth. During this season, people may experience exhaust as well as anxiety for what is next (Fall). This is a season where the couple seems to disagree more often than not, as well as even question if this is what they want any more. Fall does not seem to make things any better, during this time period, we are experiencing not only negative experiences with nature (i.e trees loosing leafs) but also with one another. After enduring a long summer, the happy times that once occurred during the Spring seem farther away than ever, and it becomes harder for two to make it through. For those who are however lucky enough to prosper through Fall, Winter will definitely be the season of Death. By death, I do not mean someone ending up in a casket, rather more like the death of a relationship, and end.

Not all ends are definite, sometimes a couple decides to experience another year together, another round of seasons. The problem with not knowing when to call it quicks is particularly troublesome. As years spent with another continue onwards, seasons begin to grow dimmer, Spring becomes less “happy” and Winter doesn’t seem like the only era drenched in sadness. Eventually, one will grow tiresome of enduring these seasons with another being that instead of making the hardship better, they make it worse. This is where divorce occurs, a final end to the promise of taking on seasons together.

Yes, divorce is an end to the routine you once knew, but what happens when you meet someone else that sparks an interest in you? Are you then thrown into another round of seasons, just with a new partner? Will the outcome be the same? Will these seasons be separated by months, or could one even argue that we can experience seasons from day to day?

How much control do we have on the seasons of beings? Is it absurd to accept that after years together, two people can accept an end, and look forward to a new beginning without you? 


-Truth Seeker

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3 thoughts on “Seasons: An Insight on Human Relations

  1. I like the way you have personified seasons with human relationships. I am planning a divorce but my mind is wavering like: to be or not to be. Kerala being in the torrid the has no seasons. There is the monsoon which is very interesting to watch. Anand Bose from Kerala

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