Philosophy and Sex for Breakfast.


Along with a cup of coffee, my morning has begun with the contemplation of life as a mere metaphor in reference of a vegetable. As you read my thoughts, one must keep and open and critique-free mindset; let words just be words as representations in themselves and nothing more unless fair warned.

Imagine the fetus stage of life as being a seed in a packet. A seed amongst others, no exact order of what seed will be picked to plant… just a randomized process of chance. This is merely representing the sperms inside a man’s scrotum, they do not have the ability to choose which one will be picked to enter and attach to the women’s ovaries, and then create the first stage of what we know as life.

Once the seed has been planted into the fertilized soil of the Earth, it is then watered and cared for until the development process reaches an end. As the sperm is implanted into the woman’s uterus and “sticks”, the woman is now responsible (like the farmer) to feed, water, and care for this developing being.

When the developing stage of the seed is over, it is now easy to see that the seed is no longer; now lives a ripe and ready to pick vegetable (for sake of example). I believe that like the vegetable ready to be picked, humans too are sort of waiting for this as well. What I am inferring is that humans are vying to feel realization and enlightenment in order to live. Just like the vegetable (considering it is a thing in itself) is waiting for it’s will on Earth to be fufilled by being picked and eventually eaten by a human. If the vegetable however is NOT PICKED at the right time, or even not picked at all, this once living and full of will vegetable begins to die. This is the statement that will lead us into my final point persay. If the human does not become “picked” it too slowly begins to die. You see, humans like vegetables, are filled with will; it is what drives us and gives us the sense of purpose.

For the unfortunate human that remains “un-picked” , it will definitely be a sad and purpose-less life. Said being will remain living in a complacent and routine filled way… slowing dying day by day until the capsule of said being’s body can go on no longer. I want you all to realize that UNLIKE the vegetable, we have the ability to awaken ourselves (or be picked)! The vegetable can only sit and wait, full of hope and will, always relying on something external other than itself. The human on the other end, does not have to sit around and rely on these ether related subjects… YET SO MANY OF US DO!

Having stated my morning thoughts, my hope for you all is to stop being complacent and placing your fate elsewhere. Realize that fate is your choice and always has been, stop choosing to remain “un-picked”! Awaken, question, search, give your will the ability to live!

– Truth Seeker

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7 thoughts on “Philosophy and Sex for Breakfast.

  1. Great read.

    A thought. On the bleaker side, we see so many issues in today’s society, but it starts at a younger age. The the vegetable, if it is not watered adequately, it will never get picked, as it never develops into fruition.

    For those of us that have been “picked”, would it be undlreasonable to say that we, as a vegetable, nourish the farmer so that he can better tend the garden?

    In short, without metaphors, I think you are right in puting that responsibility on the parents. I feel that this is why we see the delinquencies we see today.

    I can only hope that I may be of some use to help someone else get “picked”

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment my blog..
      I really enjoy the thoughts you pose here… And how you speak of those who don’t even reach the stage of getting watered.
      Very true!
      I too hope to help others get “picked”.
      Be sure to read my other posts and your thoughts are always welcomed!

      -Truth Seeker


  2. I would say there is some truth in all this…but my perception on fulfilling ones purpose is more about knowing thyself and allowing your self to grow and prosper. If I use your vegetables metaphor, it’s not its life purpose to be picked, but to grow, develop it’s full potential, and be the best it can be. What happens after is another thing. Same with humans, our life purpose is to develop our full potential…but to do that we have to know ourselves. 😉

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    • I have to completely agree with your viewpoint! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post!

      -Truth Seeker


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