Is Existence Even Attainable?

watch the earth

Although one might view this as a minimalistic question with a simplistic answer, I beg to differ.

On countless occasions, I find myself feeling as if I do not have a place in this world. Not because I am an outsider, not because I haven’t experienced success, love, or happiness (because I have), but because how humans seem to reside complacently in this place we call Earth. It is a rare occasion that I ever see anyone doing anything to better the land we walk on… or even treat it with respect. It is all too easy to toss that empty Starbucks cup or gum wrapper out of the window (I mean who likes a dirty car), but we never stop to realize the long term damage this has in effect to our home. Unless someone is ordered to perform community service through picking up trash off the side of the road, we hardly ever see people actually cleaning because they truly want to. Now, I am not saying that there is absolutely NO ONE out there that does not clean up  with the goodness of their hearts, I am simply stating that the numbers are definitely drastically different between the two. Although I began with speaking of pollution, there are many other ways humans dis-envolve themselves with this planet. Probably too many to cover in just one sitting.

Routines are something that almost every living being or animal… or even plant follow in today’s society. This in my opinion is where we as a civilization have began to die. Unless one has distinctfully achieved an amazing routine that they follow, not for the betterment of themselves, but for the world.. than this said routine is nothing but a complacent waste of space and time. I am not by any means saying that achieving this is easy (it is actually close to impossible) but I do hope to raise some attention to this dreadful problem with my words and warning.

In today’s time, it is extremely unfortunate the cards that too many of us are dealt. Poverty, homeless, starvation, sickness, and being unloved are just a few struggles that humans, animals, and plants all deal with in different ways and at different times. These now external objectifying problems force us to constrain our minds and bodies to this every day routine of “surviving”. Although the common misconception of the word surviving generally causes people to infer that existence is only possible through survival… this is the wrong way to think. As I speak words, I want them to only mean what they should within themselves; please do not attach other meanings or definitions to my words, then it will definitely be impossible for one to hear my woes. Now that we have agreed to leave words as just words… let me continue.

In the first place, beings need to stop allowing themselves to be put in this position of even feeling the need to “survive”. If we would have fought back against the development of a capitalistic society America has become today, we would definitely not feel the need to survive, it would just be implemented as something thats already attached to us as humans (like the ability to see for example). We do not need to try and see, we just see. That battle was unfortunately lost way back in the late 1700s as remarkable figures like Karl Marx predicted and warned us against… of course the great U.S. did not heath this warning. I will not spend any more unnecessary time on a loss that seems almost impossible to change now, but I only mentioned it so one can understand when this problem began to arise.

If we stop feeling the need to “survive” and start placing that need towards existing, I believe humanity would see a change in the world today. If we all began to symphonically understand what it truly means to exist, not only to ones self, but as a whole… this routine based complacency would soon see an end. How can humans be so arrogant to claim existence onto a space where they are not even placing effort to bettering? That is like claiming you have tried everything to save your marriage and don’t understand how you are now in the middle of a divorce while texting your lustful lover you will be ready for dinner at 7. You see, we naturally as humans have arrogance instilled in us. We want to believe that we have done EVERYTHING possible to make the world a better place. When in all reality, all that has been done is a sad, empty, half-ass attempt at making some money to spend at the movie theatre. Wow, thats really going to make the world a better place.

Existence is an honor, a mind blowing mystery on how the first being was placed on this Earth… and I do not feel like as a society we have worked hard enough to be able to use that word as a part of our realilty. No, we do not exist, for if we did  there would be more change in society; riots, protests, sit-ins would be occurring against this capitalistic complacent world we live in. Instead of worrying about making money for gas, food, and trips… focus needs to be shifted to problems within the environment and human society as a whole (i.e. equality, not what outfit to wear tonight). As humans, we hold such a strong ability to change the cards that we have been dealt, unlike the plant or animal… WE HAVE A VOICE. We just need to learn to start using it, and make sure we are using it loud enough to be heard.

Honestly I ask the question Is Existence Even Attainable hopeful that one day (far into the future) we can all say yes… and truly KNOW it.

– Truth Seeker

Photo credit to Corina Chirila 


11 thoughts on “Is Existence Even Attainable?

  1. Yeah know this question is about as hard to answer as where do we go when we die. I truly believe humans are not done evolving and with that will we get up in the morning to work for our existence as a species and break away from the man made board of monopoly? At that time I think we’ll arrive.
    Personal note: Your writing reminds me of a friend in Utah who also is here at WordPress as PERSPECTIVES who has a great mind set like you’re own of working on the condition. You posted a like on my blog and I’m glad I came out here. We are changing, this wagon train is growing, nice work.

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    • I like how you speak of our will and its manifestation with each day we are living. I tend to think that we are not fully evolved as well… For the sake that beings make so many mistakes in their lives… Half of us are not even “living” so to speak. I really appreciate your feedback and it means a lot that my thoughts spoke something to you! I will definitely look into your friends blog. It is so great to encounter people on here who think alike.. And make me feel normal..

      Thanks again for your response!

      -Truth Seeker

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      • Yeah it does feel good don’t it. Normal, yes as to the new science “The Balance” we’re in this together which will bring more value. You bring this value to the table for others to feed on, to fill our heads with a True North Course as opposed to the Matrix of B.S. I’ve built a platform of a diverse structure that categorizes Pride, Respect and Honor in which one section is the writers guild of who’s talent has the gift of putting feelings into words. I believe today’s world needs to feel our way out of this instead of thinking it, I’m going to add you to the writers guild. This resides on the side panel of many of my sites, welcome aboard Mate! You started this and once again I’m glad I came over because you guys are hard to find.

        And Thank You

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      • I completely agree! Actions speak much louder than words on any account.. And being able to obtain a sense of satisfied will through writing is a special gift that not many of us have! The platform you speak of sounds sturdy and insightful… Thanks for the add to the writers guild! I am rarely new to the site and don’t think I have explored it yet but I will definitely check it out! Glad we can feed off of each other’s thoughts as a community and hopefully make a definite change one day..

        -Truth Seeker


  2. Existence is the most baffling question in Philosophical Ontology. To be happy is to render a puzzle on meaning. To be creative, constructive, utilitarian, appreciative and enlightened is by no means an easy task. Loved reading your words and this gave me a wake up call,

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