–> Theory of Perception <–


Perception: a process of the consciousness of an object; the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

The idea of perception is something that I constantly ponder… what shapes our perception internally and externally? I say this because each and every human being instantly forms a perception about almost everything in this world… even on things out of this world like outer space and so on. Now, just because we shape this personal perception doesn’t mean that we then necessarily share this perception with anyone other than ourselves. Why do we sometimes tend to internalize these perceptions? Fear of judgment, dismissal, rejection, disagreement, and several other factors. (I will refrain from giving an example to assure not to offend any being) Now, although it kind of seems like having and forming perceptions is almost instinctual and uncontrollable, I believe that the bases of how we create them can be changed and even made formidable.

Racism, Social Classes, Money, Religion, and Educational Backgrounds are all factors that we take into account after the first impression. After we meet someone or see something for the first time (with no insight about the being or object) we instantly tend to focus on physical garbage like beauty, style, scent, and shape i.e. someone’s fitness or an objects form. Even though we like to think that our first impressions are always spot on and ideal, I like to bring out the point that this is not and could never be the case. Why? Well because as a being, we have all at one point in life gone to an interview (wether it be for a job, school admittance, or some form of governmental assistance) and purposely or impurposely “played the part”. What I mean is, we instantly conform ourselves to what we think the interviewee wants/needs to see to make a positive choice after the fact. We all want that acceptance in the end… even if it means lying.

So, said human is awarded the job, assistance,or admittance (whatever the case may be) and they quickly began to go back to their “true self”. Sometimes this “true self” is really no different from the “role playing self” and at times, maybe the interviewee won’t even regret their decision. BUT, most of the time, the “true self” is always a disappointment to the interviewee, and they quickly began to realize “Oh, this person is one of those that are really good at interviews, but then lack in the actual job skills”. I am not trying to put us down as beings by any means, but I am sort of creating a wake up call. If this position is truly important to said being, why should we have to conform and disguise our True Self because of fear of rejection? Why do humans seek for short term pleasure instead of long term rewards? Like “I really do not want to work at McDonalds, but I really need to make rent this month. So i’ll just say what I have to say to get the spot, then quit as soon as the rent is paid.” This is nothing but a form of quick fix & said human being will only be in the same predicament later down the line.

Perception is extremely powerful, and we as beings have the power to really be whoever we want to be in any situation that may arise. My point and advice here though, is to always be yourself… and even if others perceive this “true self” as unworthy, no good, and ugly; then maybe through time they will realize that their perception was dead wrong. They will be the ones stuck in a negative, repetitive, problematic routine. You, on the other hand, will be at peace with your True Self, moving forever forward, and never looking back.

-Truth Seeker

Photo Credit to Whitney E. Adair



2 thoughts on “–> Theory of Perception <–

  1. I really liked your post and how you start by explaining perception out of a generality to end it with a more personalized advice any of us could use!

    I look forward to reading more from you! And thank you for reading and commenting my posts!


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    • Thank you for reading my post! I am glad to hear you found it interesting… Perception is something I could rant on about forever.

      -Truth Seeker

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